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Album Review: I Am Not A Human Being II – Lil Wayne



Weezy has done it again.  Wait, let me clarify.  By done it again, I don’t mean he has once again graced us with a quality album like he did with 2008’s Tha Carter III.  Rather, he has once again disappointed the hip hop community with an album that is filled with stale puns, tired subjects, and a lazy MC.

As to be expected, the subject matter isn’t much more than “Look at all these girls I lay” or “Damn, I love drugs”.  However, Wayne has somehow managed to water down his subject matter even more.  To his credit, Weezy must have come up with every single possible way to insinuate that a female is giving him oral sex, but at what cost?

To make matters worse, even the features on the album are weak! I’m not the type to say that a successful hip hop album needs features (Tyler, The Creator for example), but in the case of Lil Wayne, features have been the only reason for me to listen lately.  The two best on this album are 2 Chainz and Drake, and neither of them even rap. (Well, 2 Chainz does on Days an Days, but I’d like to pretend that didn’t happen).

IANAHB 2 js just further evidence of a lazy rapper who got more interested in the party than the game itself, it will serve as yet another marker in the downfall of Weezy F. Baby.  Wayne has said before that he wants to leave the game and just skate or do whatever else it is that he does.  At this point, I wish he would.

Lyricism: 3 out of 10

Production: 5 out of 10

Musicianship: 2 out of 10

Overall: 3 out of 10


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